Monday, February 15, 2010

Engagement Pictures

For more pics, check out:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Catlina Island and Wedding Details

This is Descanso Beach where we will have the wedding and reception.

Here is a view of the harbor from the Casino patio.

The Casino ballroom during the Jazz fest in '08. We highly recommend everyone to take a tour of the Casino while on the island. It also has an amazing theater and each night it will usually have a movie playing.

The little Casino Dock Cafe will be the venue for our rehearsal dinner on Friday, August 20th. We will have the entire place to ourselves since it is only open during the day for lunch and drinks.

Please visit these webpages to learn more about the Island. It is an amazing place and will be the perfect venue for a special weekend with Family and Friends. Details of the local golf course can be found here. The groomsmen and family will be playing a round the morning of the wedding.

We have 3 different hotels at 3 different price points. Please talk with Marie to organize one that fits your needs. House rentals are also available upon request.

Megan and Drew will be staying at Metropole-

Here are the links for the others:

Here is the link for the Schedule of boats to Catalina. There are a lot of different ports to catch a boat. Guests flying into town can fly into San Diego, Orange County (John Wayne) or LAX. Please call our wedding planner to help with details of getting back and forth to airport and port.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Proposal

The spot where Drew proposed is a isolated cove in La Jolla, CA. The only othere people there were an occasional surfer coming in from the ocean. It had been over 5 years since our last time at this place and it was for wine, cheese and crackers on Valentines.

A special thanks to Diana and Taylor for helping to set up the rose petals and picnic area so it was a surprise for Megan when we arrived at the hidden spot. After the proposal we all had a toast together.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedding Party

Drew's Wedding Party: C0-Best Men: Luke Schenck
Groomsman:Taylor Ely, Beau Ponsoll, Dan Ziegler, Nate Allen, Josh Gropp, Steve Hostettler

Ushers: Lance Pendley, Jeris Queen, Taylor Howard

Mia, our flower girl, is enjoying her time at Legoland.

Luke w/ kids and Megan at Birch Aquarium in La Jolla.

Family picture at Old Main in State College, PA. Steelhead fishing in Erie.

Josh Gropp, during our travels together in Oz. We lived together in Oz and then backpacked around Asia and Europe for 9 weeks.

Beau "Big Bad", Anthony "Cappz" , Mike "Letchy", Steve "Hoss". Group shots from Dan Ziegler's"Zigs" Wedding.

Jeris, the Houston Rodeo BBQ Cook-off. Megan thinks this is very "broke back mountain".

Mike Hoegerl was the first of our hometown friends to get married and here are group shots from the bachelor party and wedding.

Halloween in Lubbock, TX for the UT vs. Tech game. Taylor is rocking the stache and Lance is just rocking out.
Beau Ponsoll serving up car bombs at the Boro Bar.

Megan's Wedding Party: Made of Honor: Diana Martinez

Bridesmaids: Corina Hernadez, Katie Slanina, Brooke Knopp, Alison Austin, Stephanie Sheldrick, Jessica Stonehocker, Minisa Becker
Flower Girl: Mia Acevado
Mom, Taylor and I enjoying a night together. My mom is my Maid of Honor and bro is one of the groomsman. We're as close as they come. I love you both so much!
Xmas time with Taylor and Dad in Laughlin, NV. Thanks Dad for introducing us to Catalina where we'll be married.

Chargers game w/ Taylor.
Brooke and I have been very close friends since college at SDSU where we met serving food together at Chili's. Brooke helped me get my first home and prior job at KB Home. We have come a long way since serving up baby back ribs.
My college crew: Corina and Jessica. Corina was my dorm neighbor and Jess and I had psych together. We have spent many good times together, including drinking in TJ, college parties, two bachlorette parties and two weddings.

Stephanie and I have have known each other since we were eight years old playing youth soccer. She is the most easy going friend I have of the crazy bunch!
Me and crazy Katie. We've had MANY great memories together including Lake Havasu, Spring Training, Vegas, LA, Mammoth and the list goes on.
Corina, Megan and Alison in the midst of the PB days.

Alison and I were roomates in PB and worked together at the Hoot. Great times were had in PB and on Oliver Street, including the Xmas party of the year. *Little Nugget is not a part of the wedding party :)

Minisa and I were roomates while living in Australia. We traveled all over New Zealand and Oz while hitting up many pubs and living off of spagetti and cheap hostels. The memories will last a lifetime.

Travels Together

Whitewater rafting at Ohio Pyle in PA. Megan was catapulted out of the raft on 3 different occasions including the notorious "dimple rock". We have also paddled Kern river together in CA w/ Taylor. Our frequent trips to La Jolla in our kayak helped our paddling skills.

We spent time together in Munich Germany while Drew was living there. During the visit we also traveled around Bavaria to some of King Ludwig's famous castles. We also frequented numerous beer gardens including the Chinese tower beer garden in the English garden pictured above.

Hot air ballon ride in So Cal.

Over this past Xmas in PA we enjoyed our time in the snow w/ our family by tubing, fishing and even snow-shoeing.

Just another Saturday night out. These are from Halloween this last year and in 05', and a Duke's of Hazzard party.

Our annual Penn State football game. We make sure to do it early in the season so the weather is nice for Megan. The last 2 years we have rented RVs and camped out all weekend. Good times are had in State College.

San Fran for a weekend of Baseball and enjoying all the diverse neighborhoods in the city.

NYC for a weekend of sight seeing at Central Park, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and even a show on Broadway.

After the 5K in Carlsbad why not stuff your face with pizza and drink back all those calories we
just burned.

Lake Tahoe cabin for a weekend of snow, skiing, snowboarding and Megan rolling down the mountain. One run was completed before she ended up at the bar.

Lakers vs. Mavs in American Airlines Center in Dallas. Drew lost a bet on this game, aka Lakers won.

St. Patties day parade in the Big D. This is around 11 am, no pictures will be be posted of the block party later that day.

About to take off on a boat tour of Lake Michigan and the river. It's not officially 4th of July until Megan puts on her star pants! Then we are floating down Mich. River about to pass through the lock and get back out on the lake. We have done an annual 4th of July get-together with friends for the last 6 years with venues including Dallas, Chicago and San Diego.

Wrigley Field for a Cubs game over 4th of July. We added to the madness in the bleachers.