Friday, February 12, 2010

Catlina Island and Wedding Details

This is Descanso Beach where we will have the wedding and reception.

Here is a view of the harbor from the Casino patio.

The Casino ballroom during the Jazz fest in '08. We highly recommend everyone to take a tour of the Casino while on the island. It also has an amazing theater and each night it will usually have a movie playing.

The little Casino Dock Cafe will be the venue for our rehearsal dinner on Friday, August 20th. We will have the entire place to ourselves since it is only open during the day for lunch and drinks.

Please visit these webpages to learn more about the Island. It is an amazing place and will be the perfect venue for a special weekend with Family and Friends. Details of the local golf course can be found here. The groomsmen and family will be playing a round the morning of the wedding.

We have 3 different hotels at 3 different price points. Please talk with Marie to organize one that fits your needs. House rentals are also available upon request.

Megan and Drew will be staying at Metropole-

Here are the links for the others:

Here is the link for the Schedule of boats to Catalina. There are a lot of different ports to catch a boat. Guests flying into town can fly into San Diego, Orange County (John Wayne) or LAX. Please call our wedding planner to help with details of getting back and forth to airport and port.

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